About me

Recently, I have dedicated almost all my time to photojournalism. You can see most of my work published on   CNN. This fact made me enjoy photographing people. So, I quickly started making portraits in my own studio in Porto. 

But I started as a landscape photographer, and I have been photographing these last twenty years on a daily basis . My work has been published on photoblogs, Flickr, Olhares, and I am already featured on  Getty and Artzilla Gallery.

I started painting very early as a hobby. I had to give up painting to pursue my studies on Literature. Later, when I took photography with passion on a daily basis, I felt I was replacing the painting I had abandoned years ago.  I love photographing nature, specially woods and trees. Early morning mist is my favourite atmosphere. Mixing mist with light has been my best joy.  When I photograph, I see with my heart and soul…

My training as a photographer includes Fine Art Photography (APAF - Associação Portuguesa de Arte Fotográfica, Lisboa), Técnica Fotográfica e Fotografia Contemporânea (Atelier de Lisboa) e Fotografia de Cena (ACE - Teatro do Bolhão, Porto).

I am a member of WPO World Photography Organization.


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